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Admin: Announcement

As you may have noticed, neither myself nor thisissirius have been able to put the time and attention into this community that it deserves for the last while, and so we have decided to call it a day.

If there is anyone who is able to make that commitment and is interested in taking over running the comm, please contact one of us and we'll sort something out. In lieu of that, merlin_flashfic is going into permanent amnesty mode. No new challenges will be posted but if you wish to post something inspired by a previous challenge please go right ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has posted and commented up until now - there are some fantastic fics here and it's been fun while it lasted.

Cheers guys,
Janne and Sirri
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Admin: the Amnesia Challenge

I feel it's time we went for a challenge all about... um, what was it again? You know, a wossname challenge, ooh it's on the tip of my tongue...

Amnesia, that was it.

Wipe their memories, make them forget and watch the fallout - just remember to post before 22.00 GMT on 04 January 2011 (extended challenge time due to the busyness of the festive season).


so. fandom is in accord that there are a lot of things they would change about the show at points and so i propose a forks in the road challenge!

fix something that's always annoyed you about the show: make something right that you thought went wrong, in a particular episode. maybe merlin tells morgana about his magic to make her feel better. maybe merlin never tells arthur to put the sword down in the sins of the father. maybe instead of simpering, gwen should be badass. less smirking and more constructive morgana.

choose a specific moment and fork off from it. sort of like an AU challenge but not; it's righting a wrong.

go with it.

the challenge will close at 22:00 BST on the 14th December 2010
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Admin: the Purple Prose Challenge

As suggested by maryavatar, we want to see all your most OTT, cliched, overblown imagery. If you've been hankering to describe Merlin's eyes as sparkling cerulean orbs, or Morgana's hair as raven's wing midnight-hued tresses, now is the time to get it out of your system!

The challenge will end 22.00 GMT, 28 Nov 2010 but until then go wild, go crazy for all the bizarre similes you can dream up, go purple.

admin: fireworks and explosions

FIREWORKS. EXPLOSIONS. it's time to bring in guy fawke's night with a BANG. everyone loves fireworks; but which kind? and explosions always bring out the worst (and sometimes best) in us. metaphorical of physical fireworks both work.

bring on the gunpowder (this is merlin after all), treason and plot. go wherever you like as long as you come back by the time this challenge closes; 22:00 GMT on the 13th November 2010.