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Coping Mechanism by stellastars

Title: Coping Mechanism
Rating: Teen
Characters: Morgana, Gwen
Summary: Morgana discovers a way to help herself.
Spoilers: Refers to The Gates of Avalon.
Word Count: 350ish
A/N: Many thanks to solar_cat for the beta and suggestions.

She made the discovery quite by accident.

The celebration was entertaining—held, for once, for an occasion worthy of a party—but Morgana hadn't slept well the night before and the goblets of wine she'd consumed were only making her drowsy. When she finally escaped the crowd and retired to her chambers she dutifully swallowed down the draught Gaius had prepared. Maybe it was the fact that she was already tired, or maybe it was that she’d spent most of the party chatting rather than eating, but she barely had time to take down her hair before the wine and the sleeping potion hit her. The whole world swirled unpleasantly at an infinitely slow pace.

“Oh,” she murmured, clinging to the furniture closest to her before crawling onto her bed, asleep before she'd even settled against the pillows.

She woke in the morning, still in her gown from the night before.

Her head ached terribly.

But she couldn't recall any dreams.

After that night, she tested her discovery more deliberately. At first the amount of wine didn't seem to matter. Then she noticed that if it was consumed in combination with a large meal, she needed an extra goblet or two. Later it took more—of both the wine and the potion—to achieve the effect she desired. While the quantities might differ, result was undeniably the same: a dreamless stupor lasting for several hours.

She never mentioned it to anyone, but eventually Gwen noticed. It was difficult for her not to, as close as they were, with all the time they spent together.

“Milady,” Gwen whispered, one time when the experiment had gone awry and Morgana had overdone it and fallen asleep before making it to her bed, “perhaps you should speak with Gaius?”

Morgana began to shake her head in response but she had to stop, as the movement made her head pound. She closed her eyes tightly and rested her cheek against the cool floor.

Gwen didn't understand.

These were the only weapons Morgana had in her fight against the nightmares.

She couldn't give them up.

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