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the first night has come to a close.

The Primae Noctis Challenge is now officially over and the nine entries can be found through the memories or the Primae Noctis tag.
Tags: primae noctis challenge

  • Hogmanay by kaizoku

    Title: Hogmanay Author: kaizoku Rating: R Pairing: Arthur/Merlin Wordcount: 3,500 words. Summary: One winter, the sun stands still for 12 days. Then…

  • The Line Dividing by Woldy

    Title: The Line Dividing Author: woldy Rating: PG Pairing: Morgana/Nimueh Wordcount: approx 1700 words Notes: Spoilers for entire first…

  • Lightning Crashes by Ali-chan

    Title: Lightning Crashes Author: Ali-chan (ad_exia) Rating: G Summary: Merlin goes back to witness Arthur's birth. A/N: Title from…

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