November 12th, 2008

eilean donan
  • janne_d

The Flashfic's Call

Hello and welcome to Merlin Flashfiction! Your friendly neighbourhood admins are janne_d and thisissirius and we are very excited - we hope you are too.

The basic idea of the community is very simple: every two weeks a challenge will be posted and then lots of lovely stories get posted in response. The rules are here - please go and have a read.

The first challenge will go up shortly, and we look forward to reading your responses!
eilean donan
  • janne_d

The Secrets Challenge

For our inaugural challenge, we're going with the theme of secrets.

There are a lot of characters with secrets in Merlin. How do they feel about hiding? What happens if someone finds out, who do they want to tell, who else knows?

And what about secrets we haven't seen in canon? Is the Dragon telling Merlin everything? Who does Gwen really have a crush on? Is Uther secretly a fluffy bunny who goes back to his rooms and writes sad songs of love every night? (And if someone writes that last one, I will be very happy.)

Go on, you can tell us - we're very discreet.