November 27th, 2008

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Title: I watched my life burst into flames, and all I felt was relief (Secrets challenge)

Title: I watched my life burst into flame, and all I felt was relief
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Hunith, baby!Merlin, OCs
Rating: G
Summary: Merlin's birth came at the most inopportune time. How could Hunith ever hope to keep his special gifts hidden when he could slow time before he could even talk?
Wordcount: 1363
Beta: shei
A/N: Bonus points to anyone who knows where Ty Glas actually is.

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A/N2: I asked yesterday whether a person could post two unrelated fics to the same challenge, but then I got scared that challenge would be closed before I could get an answer, so - here is the second fic. If it turns out it IS against the rules, then I'll remove it, and apologise to everyone.

Thank you for all the great fics on here! You've been keeping me up half the night readin. :)

ADMIN: bad magic challenge

The next challange is Bad Magic!

Magic is abundant in his kingdom, even if Uther doesn't want to admit it.

Maybe he's right. Does Morgana secretly go bad with her magic? Maybe Merlin tries to cast a spell and it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Maybe Merlin decides to hell with Destiny and he's going to kill everyone anyway.

Magic isn't always good; sometimes it's bad. And sometimes it's downright dangerous.

(And maybe, sometimes, Merlin doesn't actually mean to turn Arthur's clothes pink.)

THe challenge will run until Wednesday 10th December 22:00 GMT (aprox.) Janne's probabaly better at hitting the close off mark than I am ;)