November 30th, 2008

eilean donan
  • janne_d

Admin: Reiteration of the rules

Sorry to interrupt the challenge, but since I've had to point this out to three people in about as many days, I'm beginning to think the reminder is necessary.

In the community rules, it says:

"stories should be posted directly to this community and only to this community, and not cross-posted elsewhere (including personal LJs). This rule only applies while a challenge is running; once the challenge has closed you are free to post it wherever you like"

I'll rephrase this in case anyone is still confused: if you post your fic to any other journal at all, you cannot then post it here in answer to a challenge. If you make a post here that links to your fic on a different journal, you will get a comment from me asking you to either comply with the rule or remove your post from the community.

This community is not a noticeboard for announcing fic; there are plenty of other Merlin comms for that.

So please read The Rules BEFORE you post.

Thank you.