December 10th, 2008

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Fever Magic by belenustenebrae (Bad Magic Challenge)

Title: Fever Magic
Summary: Merlin has a fever. The usual consequences occur.

Warning: PG, anachronistic, Camelot has hot plumbing.
Spoilers: none
Word count: 650
Fandom: Merlin
Beta: none, unfortunately. I'm always late with stuff and actually wrote and typed this up in the last two hours. I'm sorry for any chopiness in the flow of the text it might cause.
Challenge: Bad Magic at merlin_flashfic

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Admin: The Celebration Challenge

ras_elased suggested a challenge about holidays or celebrations of some kind given the time of year. And since we are apparently going to get a second series, I reckon we have plenty to celebrate!

So. 'Tis the season and all that - be seasonal and write about Christmas in Camelot, or Yule or Beltane or any other excuse for quaffing ale and eating lots you can think of. How does the court get down and party? Write about Arthur's annual birthday orgy, or invent a festival, or just write people getting drunk and silly together.

Or write one of the characters taking a holiday, or maybe having a more personal celebration. Go wild and crazy - as long as it is celebratory, anything goes.

The normal length of challenge would make this end on Christmas Eve, but since a lot of us are going to be busy with RL celebrating around this time, we are extending the challenge by another week. The deadline is therefore Hogmanay/New Year's Eve. As far as times go, it definitely won't end before 22.00 GMT on Dec 31, and thisissirius or myself will close it as near to then as RL allows.

It's time to celebrate - let's send 2008 off with a bang.