January 1st, 2009

eilean donan
  • janne_d

Admin: The Transformation Challenge

In the spirit of the new year, this challenge is all about change.

Magic transforms things - it can raise the dead, kill the living, turn people into toads, change friendships and alliances. But people change things too - the decisions they make, the bonds that are formed or broken, the actions they take...

So what are the results? How has Merlin changed Camelot, or Arthur? How has Uther? How have the characters themselves changed and why? What transformations will happen in the future?

And what would happen if Merlin accidentally turned Arthur into a little hoppy toad?

Transformation. Physical, emotional, magical, things turned inside out and upside down.

You have until Jan the 15th, 22.00 GMT before the challenge ends and the coach gets turned back into a pumpkin.