January 30th, 2009

eilean donan
  • janne_d

Admin: Primae Noctis Challenge

Or to put it another way, the First Night challenge.

There are a lot of potential first nights around: a character's first night in Camelot, a couple's first night together, Uther or Arthur's first night as King, Arthur's first night in the dungeon, the first night of marriage...

(...talking of which, the term jus primae noctis (or droit de seigneur) is popularly believed to mean a lord had the right to deflower all the virgins dwelling in his land. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone finds that inspiring *grins*)

Or you could go for the pun and write about the first knight.

This night is brand new and the sun won't rise again until 22.00 GMT, Friday the 13th - how many firsts can be fitted in before then?