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Merlin Flash Fiction
February 14th, 2009 
Title: Hogmanay
Author: kaizoku
Rating: R
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Wordcount: 3,500 words.
Summary: One winter, the sun stands still for 12 days. Then Merlin comes back.
Notes: Concrit totally welcome. I'm hurrying a bit to get this in under the wire.

The storyCollapse )
10:46 pm - ADMIN: closed
hockey + tazer + shirtless
the first night has come to a close.

The Primae Noctis Challenge is now officially over and the nine entries can be found through the memories or the Primae Noctis tag.
10:52 pm - ADMIN: challenge
hockey + tazer + shirtless
So. astolat wanted an EMO challenge, so I thought we'd go with that since we've had so much happy!making recently.

Glorious angst and melodrama everywhere! Go straight for the big emotional climaxes and overwrought declarations of love and devotion, do not pass 5,000 words of setup first.

(Okay, so the last part isn't strictly necessary, but go wild!)

You have until Feb the 27th, 22.00 GMT before the challenge ends and everyone starts to get out of the emo funk.

ETA: we have a new layout \0/ (sorry it took so long janne_d!)
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