March 29th, 2009


Admin: the Make Them Do It Challenge

We've had two suggestions on fairly similar themes so I'm doing a teeny little incantation and cunningly merging them together.

astolat asked:
Can I beg for a sex pollen challenge? Doesn't actually have to be sex pollen, of course -- just your basic macguffin of inhibition-destroying substance making people behave oddly. Uther could start trying to cast spells! All right, so that would have to be some very powerful magic pollen there, but you get the idea.

and then a little later on, elementalv said:
SGA has aliens who make them do it. I wonder if Camelot's problem is that elves/fairies/witches/warlocks made them do it -- for values of "it" that possibly lead to embarrassment and a general refusal to look anyone in the eye or perhaps for values of "it" that lead to a darker place

And so there we have the genesis of the Make Them Do It challenge. Whatever 'it' is and whatever is doing the making, I leave entirely up to your imaginations. Destroy inhibitions left, right and centre and make all the devil's bargains or embarrassing magical rituals you like.

You have until 22.00 BST (darn that lost hour) on Sunday 12 April. Enjoy!