April 3rd, 2009

  • ed_84

Sin Alone, by ed_84

Title: Sin Alone
Author: ed_84
Rating: NC-17 like whoa.
Pairing: Arthur/Morgana
Warning(s): Magic made them do it, sex, language
Summary: AU. They aren’t meant to meet, but it’s a chance encounter a full night before the fertility rights of the Beltane feasts, and Morgana and Arthur’s lives are about to change.
Disclaimer: Merlin does not belong to me.
A/N: 6.4k worth of fic written for the merlin_flashfic’s “The Make Them Do It” challenge. This fic has been in my head ever since watching The Mists of Avalon mini-series with irony_rocks. This is AU, where Arthur and Morgana don't initially know each other due to a change of fate when Morgana's father and Arthur's mother live. No incest, promise!
A/N #2: Beta’d by calleigh_j; thanks!

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