May 15th, 2009


Admin: the Nightmares and Monsters Challenge

suggested by lesserstorm.

Nightmares and monsters. All those nasties that lurk in the subconscious, hide under the bed and go bump in the night. Morgana's bad dreams are well established but she can't be the only person in Camelot with troubled sleep.

And as for monsters, we've seen plenty in canon, but there's a lot that depends on definition and POV. Is a monster a ravening beast, real or imaginary? Is Uther a monster? How about Nimueh, or even Merlin?

It's time for all those things that normally hide in the dark of night to come out and play for a while.

The dreamers will wake and the monsters will be banished again on Fri 29 May, 22.00BST or thereabouts.