September 15th, 2009

ADMIN: Amnesty // Episode challenge

A new season is upon us!

janne_d and I have been trying to decide between doing an AMNESTY challenge or basing the next challenge on EPISODE themes.

We are therefore going to do an AMNESTY-SLASH-EPISODE challenge this time around. That means you can choose ANY of the challenges we've had previously and write for it. That means if you came LATE for a challenge, then you can now join in.

HOWEVER. Your amnesty choice MUST be based on an episode. That means you could take the WISHES challenge and base it on Moment of Truth. (Arthur wishes Merlin hadn't revealed himself, etc.). Or take the KNEE WALKING challenge and base it on Dragons Call whering Arthur really DOES make Merlin walk on his knees.

I hope this isn't too complicated.

The challenge will run until 22.00 BST, Tuesday 29th September.