November 30th, 2009

[ADMIN] the courtly love challenge!


Because janne_d was on holiday it was my turn to post the challenge and then I posted the CUT OFF post and forgot to post this one so you have my DEEPEST apologies that this is late up! You shouldn't have had to wait for this.

In the interest of all the LOVE happening in the merry place of CAMELOT recently we have gone for a COURTLY ROMANCE challenge.

Maybe a Lady (or Sir/Knight) finds Merlin oddly attractive and attempts to woo him. Maybe Arthur falls for yet another Princess and everyone is exasperated enough to stop it. Morgana is sought by many of the lands bravest Lords and Knights! Bewitched love! Crazy court shenanigans!

And let's not forget that sometimes, sometimes, there is future!fic in which Arthur tries to woo the servant of his dreams ;) (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? LEAVING IT UP TO YOUR SHIPOFCHOICE :D)

The challenge will run until 22.00 GMT on 14th December 09.