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Riveted by Nicole of GuardRailFail

Title: Riveted
Author: Nicole of guardrailfail
Rating: PG (very brief language)
Spoilers: 1x11 (The Labyrinth of Gedref)
Word Count: 318

Summary: A quick piece of fluff about certain aspects of the castle that make you go 'huh.'  Based off the namesake of our blog.


Arthur was leading the way down toward the dungeons, Merlin hot on his heels as they tried to catch that mysterious bastard in white.  It was like chasing ghosts in the winter, and Arthur was not amused.  Neither was Merlin, of course, because when Arthur was unhappy, Merlin’s magic seemed to want to forcefully burst out of him to put a smile back on Arthur’s face.

They rushed down the flight of stairs that Merlin was more than familiar with, having traversed these very steps many a time to visit one particularly cryptic and annoying dragon.  Merlin steadied himself with the wrought-iron railing, his lanky legs a step ahead of the rest of his body.

He almost found himself smack up against Arthur’s back.

Arthur did a series of strange hand motions that lost Merlin back at the first arm flail.  He had gotten distracted by Arthur’s ‘determined’ look.  Arthur took off down the hallway, and Merlin started following him.

“No, Merlin, this…” Arthur flailed about again, “Means go THAT way!” 

Merlin nodded, trying to pretend that was the plan all along.  He was about to head off, when Arthur grabbed his arm.

“Merlin, just a quick question, what century are we in again?”

Merlin was genuinely confused.  “The 12th?  13th?  I don’t know, I always get that confused.”

“Yes, yes, but do we have riveting?  That railing seems oddly out of place.”

Merlin considered the railing.  “It does seem out of place.  Perhaps there was a temporal shift.  It has been here a while, but I’ve never seen anything like it.”  Merlin shrugged, turning back to Arthur.  “I wouldn’t worry about it.  It’s not stranger than the giant fleur de lis I conjured the other day.”


 Whoops.  “Look! Isn’t that the Unicorn guy?” Merlin asked, pointing down the hallway.  Arthur was actively distracted and ran off down the hallway, Merlin close on his heels.


Tags: anachronism challenge
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