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Delicacy by lilian_cho

Title: Delicacy
Author: lilian_cho
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG
Challenge: Anachronism
Word count: 262

Arthur looked at the unwrapped brown pellets on the silver tray dubiously. They didn’t look particularly edible, for a supposed foreign delicacy.

Merlin made a humming noise that was probably meant to be encouraging.

Lifting the tray closer to his face, Arthur gave the pellets a tentative sniff. They didn't smell bad, at least.

"Are you sure you didn't purchase animal dung wrapped in fancy red paper?" he asked suspiciously.

The court magician rolled his eyes. "I saw the man made it myself, and animal dung was not among the ingredients. Your Highness."

Arthur picked up a pellet and gave it a tentative lick. He had learned not to take enthusiastic bites out of Merlin's offerings no matter how harmless they may look. Especially if they look harmless.

"Huh." He took a small bite and rolled it in his mouth, considering.

"Well?" Merlin asked, fidgeting at the sleeves of his blue robes.

Popping the whole thing in his mouth, Arthur picked up another piece. "Not bad. It tastes sweet and a bit sharp."

Merlin beamed. "I knew you'd like it! This is so much better than sweetmeats, isn't it?" Arthur didn’t find Merlin’s sweet tooth endearing. Not at all.

"Mmm." He popped another piece into his mouth and licked the dusty residue left on his fingers. "What did you say they're called again?"

"It's chocolate, and you're supposed to give me something white in return a month from now."

Arthur nodded distractedly, offering Merlin the last piece on the tray. There’s that pair of silk stockings that would look fetching on Merlin…

A/N: Merlin got it slightly wrong. It doesn’t have to be something white.
ETA 06/22/09: Remixed by kernezelda: Melt In Your Mouth (Anachronism Remix)
[Merlin/Arthur, 100 Words, Rated PG]
Tags: anachronism challenge

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