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[admin] post secret challenge

welcome to the post secrets challenge!

both janne_d and i thought the idea of a post secrets challenge would be a good idea! for those not familiar with post secrets it's a site where people send in melodramtic/personal secrets on postcards for the whole world to see.

you can picture it now, can't you? Merlin would have something ridiculous like "One day I'm not going to be there" or "I'm afraid to die." or "Sometimes I think it would be easier to leave." Arthur's would be, "i know what he is." and "i'm afraid i won't be a good king." or "i miss her more than i love him". gwen's would be, "i wouldn't choose the prince," or "i think they forget i can fight." and morgana's would be something like, "i hate merlin."

well, no. it wouldn't be. but.

if you'd like, feel free to join together! have someone make a secret and someone else write a fic to go with it. it's all good! if you're stuck for ideas, why not take a look around the postsecret website - it's good for all sorts of ideas.

this challenge will be extended because it deserves an extra week! this means that the challenge will close on 17th June 2010, 22:00 GMT.
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