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When the Match Burns Out by lilian_cho

Title: When the Match Burns Out
Author: lilian_cho
Characters: Gwen, Tom
Rating: PG
Challenge: Amnesty -- fairy tales
Word count: 100

“But why did she do that?” Gwen's brown eyes looked wounded.

Her father hid a wince. Hans Christian Andersen was perhaps not the best bedtime story. But Gwen had loved the beautifully illustrated pages: the mother and her flower daughter, the fierce mermaid sisters with their shorn hair, the little dancer looking back at her soldier.

“Her grandmother was the only one who’d ever loved her,” Tom said. He had skipped over the part where the little match-seller’s father was abusive.

Gwen mulled this over, then said solemnly, “I won’t ask mum to take me with her. I have you.”

A/N: Used as a drabble for mukashi2's drabble tree. Also answers writing_game's admire prompt.
Tags: august amnesty challenge, fairy tales challenge

  • Admin: challenge closed

    The August Amnesty is over - all fics can be found via the memories or the August Amnesty tag.

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