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Merlin Flash Fiction

Merlin Flashfiction
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Flashfiction challenges based around BBC's Merlin
Welcome to Merlin Flashfiction.

Anyone familiar with ds_flashfiction or sga_flashfic will probably feel right at home, because this community is using the same model and has very similar rules.

Challenges will be posted to the comm at roughly fortnightly intervals and responses must be posted before the challenge is closed. The schedule is not set in stone because in practice the challenge will run until an Admin formally closes it and you can keep posting until you see that message. But once an Admin has called a halt, that is it – no late posting is allowed.

Please make suggestions for future challenges – just comment with the idea in response to a previous challenge.

Posts must not be OT: they must be a response to the current challenge or a request for a beta for a challenge response.

The minimum length for a story is 100 words. There is no official upper limit but please try and keep to one part when posting. Please also use a cut tag when posting to avoid breaking people's flists. If your story is longer than the LJ post limit, it can be posted to a separate web page and a link posted to the community instead. Aside from that exception, stories should be posted directly to this community and only to this community, and not cross-posted elsewhere (including personal LJs). This rule only applies while a challenge is running; once the challenge has closed you are free to post it wherever you like.

All genres (except for RPF), pairings and ratings are welcome as long as they meet the conditions of the challenge. These conditions are likely to be very stretchy – there is no requirement to interpret the challenges literally – but if you aren't sure, ask. As far as RPF goes, this isn't the place for it; we want to keep the focus strictly on Merlin the show and not on the people who make the show.

Please put "by (author name)" in the subject line of your post as this will make it much easier to archive. Memories will be organised by challenge name, and there will also be tags for each challenge. We strongly encourage you to use them when you post as it makes our life simpler and means it is much easier for readers to find your lovely stories!

Since Merlin is a live fandom, you must warn for any episode spoilers in your story. The only other warnings required are for deathfic and non-con.

If you have any questions, comment on any Admin post. Current Admins are janne_d and thisissirius.