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Fic: When you were young

Title: when you were young
Rating: PG
Characters: Arthur, Morgana and Gaius
Word count:  4,200
Summary: Morgana and Arthur, when they were younger. Their first meeting and their first bickering. sibling rivalry ahoy!
disclaimer: Merlin is tragically not mine.
Challenge: amnesty challenge (for the beginnings challenge from a little while ago)
A/N: this is the very first fic I've posted so I hope you guys like it. it's just an idea that crawled into my brain and wouldn't leave.
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A Prince's Flavour by lilian_cho

Title: A Prince's Flavour
Author: lilian_cho
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo
Challenge: Amnesty -- Post Secret
Word count: 100, including Merlin's haiku on the Post Secret

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A/N: Once upon a time, benebu misread my drabble "A Prince's Favour" (The Rights of Possession Remix) as "A Prince's Flavour." X-posted @ my LJ.
I'd prettify the Post Secret except I've spent too much time on it already T_T
hockey + tazer + shirtless


it's AUGUST and it's the holidays! which means we are giving you guys an AMNESTY challenge. that means that every challenge we have had so far is FAIR GAME. sad that you missed the betrayal challenge? want the chance to prove that you can write vacation fic like the best of them? maybe you want to explore the dark side and didn't get the chance before. well, now you do!

you can browse previous challenges either by using the tags or the memories.

have fun, write for as many challenges as you want, and remember that this challenge will close on september 2nd, 2010 at 22:00 BST.

go wild :D