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Fever Magic by belenustenebrae (Bad Magic Challenge)

Title: Fever Magic
Summary: Merlin has a fever. The usual consequences occur.

Warning: PG, anachronistic, Camelot has hot plumbing.
Spoilers: none
Word count: 650
Fandom: Merlin
Beta: none, unfortunately. I'm always late with stuff and actually wrote and typed this up in the last two hours. I'm sorry for any chopiness in the flow of the text it might cause.
Challenge: Bad Magic at merlin_flashfic

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Fic: Salt & Vinegar (Bad Magic challenge) by fadagaski

Title: Salt & Vinegar
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Merlin, Arthur
Rating: G
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Merlin fulfilled the prophecies told about him, but destiny is fluid, and no one had foreseen what would happen thereafter. Futurefic.
Wordcount: 1360
Beta: belenustenebrae (thanks hun!)

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A/N: Oh-so-loosely based on the legend where Merlin is bound forever to a rock/tree/cave.
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ADMIN: bad magic challenge

The next challange is Bad Magic!

Magic is abundant in his kingdom, even if Uther doesn't want to admit it.

Maybe he's right. Does Morgana secretly go bad with her magic? Maybe Merlin tries to cast a spell and it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Maybe Merlin decides to hell with Destiny and he's going to kill everyone anyway.

Magic isn't always good; sometimes it's bad. And sometimes it's downright dangerous.

(And maybe, sometimes, Merlin doesn't actually mean to turn Arthur's clothes pink.)

THe challenge will run until Wednesday 10th December 22:00 GMT (aprox.) Janne's probabaly better at hitting the close off mark than I am ;)