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Title: I watched my life burst into flames, and all I felt was relief (Secrets challenge)

Title: I watched my life burst into flame, and all I felt was relief
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Hunith, baby!Merlin, OCs
Rating: G
Summary: Merlin's birth came at the most inopportune time. How could Hunith ever hope to keep his special gifts hidden when he could slow time before he could even talk?
Wordcount: 1363
Beta: shei
A/N: Bonus points to anyone who knows where Ty Glas actually is.

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A/N2: I asked yesterday whether a person could post two unrelated fics to the same challenge, but then I got scared that challenge would be closed before I could get an answer, so - here is the second fic. If it turns out it IS against the rules, then I'll remove it, and apologise to everyone.

Thank you for all the great fics on here! You've been keeping me up half the night readin. :)

Keeping Your Secrets by ocelotspots

Title: Keep Your Secrets
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Spoilers: Mentions through Episode 10.
Wordcount: 724
Summary: Morgana dreams about the future of Albion and Gaius isn’t the only one who’ll be taking certain secrets to the grave.
A/N: No one was more surprised than I was when I sat down to write a fic about secrets, and suddenly I was writing from Morgana's POV. I think it's ok. Comments and feedback appreciated and great job to everyone else who posted!

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Evening Bat

On Feeling Foolish by evening_bat

Title: On Feeling Foolish
Rating: PG
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Spoilers: some vague comments about events in 1.01
Wordcount: 780(ish)
Summary: Merlin finds it frustrating.

A/N: First fic in the fandom. Harmless and fluffy. Also, unbetaed. (New convert, usual betas are busy, working against the submission deadline. You know how it goes.) Will try for better next time?

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Comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. :D

To The Grave by ras_elased

Title: To The Grave
Author: Ras Elased
Rating: PG
Category/Characters: Gen, Merlin, Gaius, Future!fic, 1.09 coda-ish.
Spoilers: 1.09
Warnings: Character death, but not one of the boys. Also, unbeta'd.
Summary: Gaius promised Uther he'd take the secret to his grave, and he will.
A/N: After watching 1.09, and knowing what we know about Arthurian legend, this idea wouldn't leave me alone. Written very quickly, just because I wanted it out of my brain. I'm thinking the boys are in their thirties in this, FYI.

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Five Secrets Merlin Knows About Arthur by ras_elased

Title: Five Secrets Merlin Knows About Arthur
Author: Ras Elased
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Everything up to 1.09 is fair game. And there is a possible allusion to 1.10 at the end, if you're looking for it.
Warnings: Uh, gay sex? Is that warning or encouragement?
Summary: Arthur likes to think he's good at concealing things. But Merlin knows just how to find all of Arthur's secrets, and suddenly nothing is safe.
A/N: Ahahaha, this was intended to be PWP. And also short. I'm going to fire my muse. Also, thanks to j_apollo for audiencing and assuaging my fears that this was utter crap.

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